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Google Finally! Jean-Baptiste Queru (yes, husband of) has announced the source code release for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich (technically, it's 4.0.1). Naturally, this code dump also happens to include the source code for Honeycomb - however, due to Honeycomb's incomplete nature, there's no tags available for it. Not interesting from a let's-build-it-and-code-point of view, but it is interesting for ROM hackers - bring it on, ICS for my Galaxy SII!
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"- taking a principled stand and pulling out of China

That's simply not true. Sure, they made some lofty announcements (which, evidently, scored them some positive, if inaccurate, perceptions; some lasting points in increasingly sinophobic places), some posturing ...but, when the reality of pulling out of already one of the biggest (and rapidly growing) markets set in, Google didn't really do anything.

Actually, they've been sending Chinese users to their uncensored Hong Kong page since March 2010:

Surprisingly, China hasn't torpedoed this arrangement AFAIK. The only change after that was a tweak in June 2010 adding one extra click:

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