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Windows Microsoft just posted on its blog about how Windows 8 is going to handle automatic updating and the consequent system restarts - and they're changing a few things around. They want to make the process less disruptive, and there's reason to cheer: no more popup notifications begging for restarts.
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RE: Updates??
by bob_bipbip on Wed 16th Nov 2011 08:26 UTC in reply to "Updates??"
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disclaimer: i'm a linux fanboi (yes, i am)
on all of my windows installation, i've ALWAYS keep windows up to date, and KEEP uac on (yes, even if it's annoyning) but NEVER EVER install any anti-virus. i even deleted ms anti-malware.
and i didn't use ie (opera), and when i download crap on the net, i run it in a virtual machine.

never had problem tho.

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