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BSD and Darwin derivatives The DragonFly BSD project has recently decided to hold off on the 2.12 release to address a couple of long-standing issues. Some of the disruptive work done to address these issues has also resulted in the MP Token (giant kernel lock) and other major contention points being finally pushed out of the way of all critical paths. The result?
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RE: Test setup issues?
by evilsjg on Wed 16th Nov 2011 19:36 UTC in reply to "Test setup issues?"
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These benchmarks were not exhaustive or totally scientific, nor were they intended to be. Your issues with the methodology does not invalidate the fact that these benchmarks convey relative performance for this test with reasonable accuracy.

DragonFly has a more invasive INVARIANTS than FreeBSD, we leave it enabled for releases and feel that the FreeBSD policy of disabling it is a mistake. Bugs and crashes happen and when they happen to our users in a production environment using a release not having INVARIANTS limits their ability to properly report a bug as well as our ability to pinpoint and fix the problem. That is the stance of the project and the rationale for that stance, but if someone wanted to test both without INVARIANTS, I am relatively sure DragonFly would see a larger bump.

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