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Microsoft OSNews writing about social networks? Yes, it happens, and today is one of those days. We all know Facebook is king here, with a massive userbase and a seemingly unbreakable hold over the market, with Twitter covering the more public side of social networking. Google does some stuff in a fringe somewhere with something called Google+ which tries to combine Facebook and Twitter, but it's effectively a ghost town with a confusing interface. So, if you're Microsoft, what are you going to do? Well, build your own social network, of course!
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by fretinator on Wed 16th Nov 2011 20:47 UTC
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I guess I just don't get Microsoft. The company seems to have some sort of obsession with wanting to have a product offering in just about every market imaginable - no matter how much sense it makes or how unlikely the product is to succeed.

Obviously you have never worked at a Microsoft-only shop. There are tons of them out there. They use .NET for coding, IIS is the only web-server, the only database is SQL Server, the reporting engine is Microsoft Reporting Services. The CMS is Sharepoint. Microsoft Office for all documents, etc, etc, etc.

No matter what the technology, the answer to every tech question is "Is there a Microsoft product?” If so, they buy it. Otherwise, they will consider another product until another one comes out from Microsoft. However, throughout this process, they will deny they are limited to Microsoft products. Instead, they will say they are just going with the best product- it just so happens that it is always Microsoft.

An additional benefit to this mono-culture is that often the products will integrate well, though not always.

It is very depressing, but WAY too common.

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