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Intel Intel is drumming up support for its latest 50-core Knights Corner and Xeon E5 server chips, which are key elements in the company's plans to scale performance while reducing power consumption moving toward an exascale supercomputer by 2018.
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RE[2]: trail gpu's
by tylerdurden on Thu 17th Nov 2011 18:35 UTC in reply to "RE: trail gpu's"
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GPU-like refers to streaming or SIMD programming models.

These intel boards can be programmed under either model, but also support MIMD, via message passing even. Which means a large amount of code can be ported to it fairly straightforward. Or at least the porting process is much much much easier than the porting to a GPU would be.

If intel is really getting that DP performance out of that chip, this could put NVIDIA in trouble in the HPC arena. Given that intel's programming tools are light years ahead. Of course it all depends on the price point for these chips.

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