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Legal The saga surrounding SOPA will be dominating the headlines for a while yet, and today is no different. First of all, and most importantly, the European Parliament has adopted a resolution against SOPA, while also calling for net neutrality to become part of EU law. Second, and this is also interesting, we now have a list of software companies which are against freedom of speech on the web. Unsurprisingly, Apple and Microsoft are on this list. Update: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has spoken out against SOPA. Update II: Tumbler's anti-SOPA message on their website generated almost 90000 (!) phone calls to representatives. Amazing.
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RE: us govt noob
by jptros on Fri 18th Nov 2011 01:37 UTC in reply to "us govt noob"
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Forcing a re-election in the US is the equivalent of a rebellion, might as well get ready for a fight. We have elections all the time and the Presidential elections are coming next year along with (some ?) congressional seats and I believe all of the house of representatives.

As much as I would like to blame our government for our problems, we the people keep putting the same scum back in power. People (at least here) quickly forget the wrongs done by our leaders when they start in with their glorious campaigns and all they're going to do to make our lives better. In the end, they **** us every time. Until the greater populace comes to realize that when they're at the polls things will not change and unfortunately I don't think it will happen until everything is ruined for ourselves and our kids.

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