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Legal The saga surrounding SOPA will be dominating the headlines for a while yet, and today is no different. First of all, and most importantly, the European Parliament has adopted a resolution against SOPA, while also calling for net neutrality to become part of EU law. Second, and this is also interesting, we now have a list of software companies which are against freedom of speech on the web. Unsurprisingly, Apple and Microsoft are on this list. Update: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has spoken out against SOPA. Update II: Tumbler's anti-SOPA message on their website generated almost 90000 (!) phone calls to representatives. Amazing.
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RE[3]: us govt noob
by WorknMan on Fri 18th Nov 2011 05:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: us govt noob"
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What do you do if you have a government that says "We will do everything in our power to screw this country over!!!"

You have to understand that the government in America has very little power, because the politicians are owned by the corporations, who are really the ones running the show.

It IS possible for the people to elect somebody who doesn't work for the corporations, but these candidates generally get little-to-no attention in the mainstream press, so they are quickly weeded out. The candidates who are spotlighted in the media and get all the attention are basically a bunch of jackasses who have been pre-selected to do the bidding of their corporate masters, and who nobody likes. So, the election process is basically weeding out the candidates that people hate the most, until you're left with just 2 candidates (one republican and one democrat), at which time the people vote for the one whom they believ to be the lesser of two evils, who are both little more than corporate shills.

As an example of what I'm talking about, in the 2004 presidential election, Ralph Nader was the obvious choice for the liberals. However, since most of them didn't think he had a chance in hell of winning, they settled on jackass John Kerry and voted for him instead. As it turns out, some liberals actually did vote for Nader, and he took away enough votes to cost them the election. Had they ALL voted for Nader (which is the guy they really wanted), the election probably would've turned out differently.

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