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SuSE, openSUSE And another popular Linux distribution pushes a new release out the door. This time around, it's openSUSE, as they just released version 12.1. Other than the usual latest and greatest version of all the open source desktops and associated tools, there's a few other interesting tidbits in this release as well.
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by unclefester on Fri 18th Nov 2011 10:47 UTC
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The topic so far. Linux is a piece of shite because:

a) It doesn't support my obscure bit of hardware.

RTFM. If the hardware isn't supported don't try and install Linux.

Guess what. Windows out of the box has basically zero hardware support. To run Windows you need to download drivers.

b) Linux can't autodetect my four separate disks with 27 partitions and six different distros properly.

Ever heard of a virtual machine?

c) Linux didn't set up my partitions the way I wanted.

The installer isn't a fscking mind reader. You usually need to manually partition using something like Gparted for an unusual setup.

d) My distro is unstable.

Don't use the latest bleeding edge distro if you want stability.

e) Linux won't play my .wmv encoded porn.

Why are you using Fedora or Opensuse?

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