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SuSE, openSUSE And another popular Linux distribution pushes a new release out the door. This time around, it's openSUSE, as they just released version 12.1. Other than the usual latest and greatest version of all the open source desktops and associated tools, there's a few other interesting tidbits in this release as well.
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RE: how many of you donate
by avgalen on Fri 18th Nov 2011 23:05 UTC in reply to "how many of you donate"
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I have bought CD's for RedHat in the past, about 60 Dollar or so. I have send money to many of the free programs that I use (VLC, Total Commander, IrfanView) and never cared if they were free, gratis or FOSS. Companies that I have worked for have payed money and contributed to Apache and either JBOSS or TomCat (can't remember anymore)

I complain about things when they aren't good, sometimes I offer my time to help improve them (testing), sometimes I just file bugreports and sometimes I just bitch about things to my friends. Just because something is gratis doesn't mean I lose the right to mention things that are not working correctly and I am surely not doing it in a disrespectful way. So far I have gotten a lot more disrespect in this thread from others and not 1 single piece of advice other than "buy hardware that is supported by Linux".

I already have hardware and it is very expensive and troublesome to replace. And I mostly use laptops so I don't have much influence on the exact components. But as long as I run Windows everything has always worked and whenever I use Linux there is always 1 or more things that I can't get to work. These are cold hard facts. The most basic function of an OS is too support the hardware! Windowmanagers are optional, hardware support isn't

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