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Legal The legal fire between Barnes & Noble and Microsoft is flaring up even more. B&N has filed a compilation or prior art to Microsoft's patents. B&N is proving just how easily and quickly Samsung, HTC, and other buckled to Microsoft's protection racket: we're talking 43 (!) pages of prior art, drawing from things like old Netscape releases, GNU Emacs, and much more. If B&N can create such a monumental list of prior art, why didn't Samsung or HTC? Amazing.
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Comment by catonic
by catonic on Sat 19th Nov 2011 00:50 UTC
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Because Samsung and HTC know that these nonsense patents don't apply in Asia (the largest and fastest growing market) and only really apply in the USA (a small and rapidly declining market).
Barnes and Noble however are fighting for their survival and know they need their Nook as a platform to sell their content on.
Hence they are much more serious.

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