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Legal The legal fire between Barnes & Noble and Microsoft is flaring up even more. B&N has filed a compilation or prior art to Microsoft's patents. B&N is proving just how easily and quickly Samsung, HTC, and other buckled to Microsoft's protection racket: we're talking 43 (!) pages of prior art, drawing from things like old Netscape releases, GNU Emacs, and much more. If B&N can create such a monumental list of prior art, why didn't Samsung or HTC? Amazing.
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"Apple Might Have to Stop Selling Products That Use iCloud in Germany Because of Motorola" Over in the busy courts of Germany, Apple just suffered a little loss in a preliminary hearing that might snowball into a huge one: iCloud is potentially infringing on patents owned by Motorola. The German courts could order an injunction that'll force Apple to stop selling products that connect to iCloud.

Motorola Says Apple's iCloud Infringes On Patent In Germany, Presiding Judge Seems To Agree: The judge also seemed to agree with Motorola's reading of that patent (also known as "construction claims") in important ways that would allow it a broader scope of applicability at trial. The judge did not seem interested in many of Apple's defenses, such as Motorola's claim lacking specificity, the patent in question being invalid, or that the patent should be construed more narrowly.

Motorola likely to win an injunction against Apple iCloud in Germany: - Fresh off a legal victory against Apple with a preliminary injunction against Appleā€™s mobile products, a German court is likely to hand Motorola another victory in February.

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