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Google Last June, CNET disclosed that Google collects and publishes the estimated locations of millions of phones, laptops, and other Wi-Fi devices. All without their owner's knowledge or permission. Google has finally announced how to exclude your home network from this database. Simply append "_nomap" to its name. Details over at CNET. Left unsaid is why the burden is placed on millions of individuals to opt-out, instead of on perpetrator Google.
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They're not advertising your router - at least, not more so than the phonebook is advertising your address. You broadcast your SSID in much the same way you broadcast your house number. Should people who walk by your house cover their eyes so they don't see your house number? Should people with wifi on their phones who walk by turn wifi off because otherwise they'll pick up your SSID?

I'm not saying you don't have a right to keep it from Google - because you do - but I don't think it is unreasonable to expect some action on your part to keep it as such, the same way it takes action on your part to get a secret phone number (my landline is level 3 or 4 secret). My SSID is not broadcast at all - an even better solution.

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