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OSNews, Generic OSes You all know MINIX - a microkernel operating system project led by Andrew Tanenbaum. The French Linux magazine has an interview with Andrew Tanenbaum about MINIX' current state and future. There's some interesting stuff in there.
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reliability argument
by orsg on Mon 21st Nov 2011 11:50 UTC
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I know, Microkernels definately are the nicer architectures, but it's horrifying to read peoples attempts, to find a practial advantage for the cleaner structure.

Reliability is one, that is named the most. Something like "we can replace everything during runtime, so our computer never has to be rebooted, which is why it can run forever"...So what? Can MINIX deal with burning CPUs or RAM banks? Every sane person, who has to deliver extraordinary uptimes will go for a distributed system, where nodes can go up and down dynamically without impacting availability of the whole cluster. And when you have this ability, it doesn't matter at all if you have to reboot that one node for an upgrade or not. In such environments failing nodes are not an exception, but the rule.

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