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Google Last June, CNET disclosed that Google collects and publishes the estimated locations of millions of phones, laptops, and other Wi-Fi devices. All without their owner's knowledge or permission. Google has finally announced how to exclude your home network from this database. Simply append "_nomap" to its name. Details over at CNET. Left unsaid is why the burden is placed on millions of individuals to opt-out, instead of on perpetrator Google.
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I prefer 'BogOffGoogle'

From my home office I can see 26 different WLANS's with a broadcast SSID.

- Most of them are on Channel 9 or 11.(sigh)
- 10 of them are BT Home Hubs
- 12 of them are Virgin
- 1 NETGEAR (this is connected to a Virgin Modem)
- That leaves three lans where the owner has changed the SSID.

There are also a small number of lans that have a hidden SSID. I know this because I installed them.

If I were BT or Sky or Virgin, I'd be thanking Google for drawing a map where not only their kit is installed but that of their major competitors.

How long do we have to wait for a privacy lawsuit then?

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