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Google Last June, CNET disclosed that Google collects and publishes the estimated locations of millions of phones, laptops, and other Wi-Fi devices. All without their owner's knowledge or permission. Google has finally announced how to exclude your home network from this database. Simply append "_nomap" to its name. Details over at CNET. Left unsaid is why the burden is placed on millions of individuals to opt-out, instead of on perpetrator Google.
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... only when they re-scan my area
by JamesBroadhead on Mon 21st Nov 2011 13:42 UTC
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So no one has pointed out the even more glaring hole than requiring people to change SSIDs; the database only gets updated whenever Google chooses to re-scan the area.

How often do they do that? Are the details going to remain up until they do? If that's the case, what's their motivation for re-scanning.

If this were a serious suggestion, it would be possible to delete entries immediately via Google Maps. As it is, it's a bit of a joke, and I'd be amazed if a proper engineer at Google put it together as a legitimate method.

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