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Legal "The Stop Online Piracy Act is being constructed to allow a stranglehold on the American Internet. Make no mistake. Its constructors are building it with this intent in mind. Just like the Great Firewall of China, the Stop Online Piracy Act is a misnomer. Hidden behind an innocuous name, the bill's intent is not to stem piracy as its proponents suggest, its true intent is to control the Internet itself." McCarthy would be proud.
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Next bill will look reaonsable
by tux68 on Mon 21st Nov 2011 16:23 UTC
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This bill is so draconian and over the top it is likely to fail in the end. But the next bill will be seen as a compromise and will have an easier time passing even though it contains many objectionable items. Of course, Big-Content would love this bill to pass, but I think they're really just priming the pump for the next go 'round.

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