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Bugs & Viruses "What happens when anyone can develop and publish an application to the Android Market? A 472% increase in Android malware samples since July 2011." A study by The Global Threat Center over at Juniper Networks details mobile attacks that are increasing both in numbers and sophistication. This contrasts to the iPhone, more secure in part due to Apple's proprietary hold over the platform through its review process.
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Security by obscurancy
by Neolander on Mon 21st Nov 2011 17:03 UTC
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From a security standpoint, I would even trust the Microsoft of the 90s more than an OS vendor who bans security researchers from its platform.

Remember all the silly vulnerabilities that Windows encountered during these days ? Root access from the web browser, WMF images, or even office documents (through macros) ? Well, imagine the kind of impact that they would have had if they were never publicly known.

People have managed to jailbreak iOS, which implies running arbitrary code as root, using stuff as silly as a PDF file. That says something about the security of the platform, and that's only the disclosed tip of the vulnerability iceberg.

Oh, well, but having unqualified Apple employees run software for five minutes to check that it apparently works as advertised is perfectly secure, right ?

Truth is, all current mobile OSs are blatantly insecure, and not to be trusted for any secret information storage unless vendors realize that putting a touchscreen on a computer does not void the need for a solid security infrastructure.

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