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Humor "The world of software is made slightly crazy because of the huge flexibility within any computer language. Once you have absorbed the idea of a compiler written in the language it compiles what else is there left to gawp at? But... a Java Virtual Machine JVM written in JavaScript seems like another level of insanity."
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Browser vs OS
by WorknMan on Tue 22nd Nov 2011 05:16 UTC
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The motivation for this effort is put very well in Artur's blog. He argues that rather than build JavaScript into web browsers they should have a virtual machine so that any language can be used.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't particularly care to have all my apps running inside the browser, so I think we should just make this VM a standard and run it at the OS level, instead of having every browser implement the VM separately. So you hit a website, and then it could run the application outside of the browser, and then you could create a shortcut to that app on your desktop or whatever, so you don't have to launch a browser window to get to it. I don't know how the security of this would work, but I'm sure some bright people could figure it out ;)

Note: I HATE the concept of running every app in a VM as opposed to natively, but we're obviously going the route of having everything run in the browser, so I'd at least like to be able to launch these apps and have them run like normal applications in the OS.

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