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Humor "The world of software is made slightly crazy because of the huge flexibility within any computer language. Once you have absorbed the idea of a compiler written in the language it compiles what else is there left to gawp at? But... a Java Virtual Machine JVM written in JavaScript seems like another level of insanity."
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RE[2]: Browser vs OS
by WorknMan on Tue 22nd Nov 2011 13:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Browser vs OS"
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They tried that with Java 15 years ago, but people didn't like it, because of the usual it looks ugly, it's slow, takes a lot of memory, doesn't integrate with the system, it's hard to develop, and blah blah blah.

To be fair though, Java is an implementation, not a standard. What we need is a standard like ECMAscript, and let the vendors fight over who will have the fastest implementation.

Anyway, you can't really do it outside the browser, as the "webapps" use HTML/CSS to render their GUI where possible (and I believe it's a truly masochistic exercise in most cases).

Why do we need a browser to render HTML/CSS? You could probably just have a webkit or other HTML engine running at the OS level that all apps can share. DOesn't MS/KDE already do this with Triden and KHTML respectively? And anyway, I would imagine the VM standard would have guidelines for drawing more traditional controls (and things like native access to the underlying hardware), so hopefully they wouldn't be so HTML/CSS heavy.

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