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Google With the announcement of its new Search app, Google gave iPad users more than just a slick and well-made native search app that bests the experience on any Android tablet. It also managed to squeeze the core elements of Chrome OS into Apple's ecosystem.
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RE[3]: Snuck
by _xmv on Tue 22nd Nov 2011 14:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Snuck"
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"Snuck is indeed a word. Standardized English is an artificial construct that ignores, and often defies, natural, spoken dialects.

Not sure who modded you down, but I agree!!

Spoken language is NOT meant to be standardized! This is a 'recent' phenomenon. Natural language trumps any codex -as can be observed in action- by the formation of new languages through vernacularization.

When the general consensus is that "hung" should be used in preference to "hanged," then that use case can, and should, trump the rules. Natural language is by consensus, not decree.

--The loon

Well no.
If we don't use standard English, or at least try to follow that rule, we end up with entirely different dialects and use completely wrong constructs just because some haven't learn English properly.

No need to be anal about it - but "snuck" or "hanged" certainly aren't fine ;-)

This is an English speaking website, so at least news items should use standard English. For comprehension, by everyone, not just whoever knows about a some obscure dialect's words.

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