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Windows The Windows 8 blog has a post about the improvements in Windows 8's installation process. "For Windows 8, our goal was to continue to improve reliability while also improving the installation experience and raw performance. Not only did we want it to be rock solid, but also faster and easier to use." Thankfully, the features us geeks like are still there.
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RE[8]: "us geeks?"
by ngaio on Wed 23rd Nov 2011 09:47 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: "us geeks?""
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There are always winners and losers in life. These people were in the right places, with the right skills to exploit the opportunies that presented themselves.

Aha! Your first actual argument in this discussion. And lo and behold, you're making a systems justification argument. No surprise there. Your moral reasoning is that the way things work is basically good, the system ought not to be changed, and you don't want anyone telling you it should.

Maybe you are talking out of your arse?

And here you're reverting to juvenile insults, again. You don't actually have a real argument extending much beyond "I don't want to know about it".

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