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General Development Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister gets into the holiday spirit with a post that gives thanks to technical advances for developers, including open source tools, modern IDEs, and distributed version control. 'I'm old enough to remember when performance-critical routines meant hand-coded assembly language and sometimes even keying in machine code as hexadecimal digits. We've come a long way since those bad old days, and not surprisingly we owe a lot of our progress to technology. So for this Thanksgiving, here are just a few of the modern advances for which I, as a developer, give thanks.' What are you giving thanks to?
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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I'm thankful for not having to write my own c editor with syntax highlighting.

I did that once, it would have been more fun but I really used the wrong language at the time. It ended up being pretty buggy due to bugs in the controls I was using. But as an IDE it wasn't bad. It did everything I told it to. Changing its behaviour was as easy as modifying the code and recompiling it. Options, smoptions.

I rewrote it for fun the other year for kicks. Its really sad how badly it compares to other free options.

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