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Editorial My previous article described how you can use your tech knowledge to profit from the stock market -- if you combine it with financial analysis and careful research. This article analyzes several tech stocks. The goal is to start a useful discussion. What is your opinion of these companies? Even if you don't invest, this matters if you are in employed in IT. You're betting your career on the companies in whose products you specialize! You don't want to pick losers.
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RE: Make money by work.
by edogawaconan on Thu 24th Nov 2011 14:08 UTC in reply to "Make money by work."
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You want a good return on investment? Then work hard. Invest the money you earned (earning means you worked for it) in a good house, a good car or a good bicycle or something useful. That is what real life is about guys.

Apart of house and gold, most things actually decrease in value over time, don't they?

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