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Internet & Networking It's a somewhat uneasy subject among websites such as OSNews - advertisements, the site's readability, and how to get a little more income without compromising the pleasure of using the site. Brent Simmons published a blog post about the topic which has been making its rounds across the web. The gist: websites, save for a precious few, seem to be getting progressively worse.
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by curio on Fri 25th Nov 2011 13:50 UTC in reply to "OSNEWS"
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Adblock+ gives browser users the power to say no to ads. Great! It's a powerful tool. It then gives them the option of white-listing sites (such as OsNews)they're interested in supporting through ad views. OK, but. We shouldn't have to trust Tom, or any other site owner to not eventually or even occasionally subject us readers to intrusive and obnoxious ads. The problem with the whole adblock+ 'block vs white-listing concept', is the 'all or nothing' extremes that are available to the end user. Readers must constantly judge at what level/when each web-site's white-listing will need to be revoked--the stick component of the carrot and stick approach. However, I'd much prefer to see a much more proactive solution in place. One that would actually encourage sites to be less obnoxious and intrusive with their ads by making less intrusive ads generally more viewed and hence more profitable.

How? If adblock+ (or some other ad blocker app/service) had a finer grained filtering method by which it would white-list ads by categories, types or by certain acceptable properties, instead of by white-listing whole websites, it would then allow end users to opt-in (selectively) to those non-obtrusive types of ads while continuing to utterly stonewall the obnoxious and intrusive ones regardless of what site they're on. That simple mechanism (if doable) would also help site owners sell these less intrusive ads to advertisers because such ads would then have a greater potential of being seen by more people--the carrot component of the carrot and stick approach.

Further, when site owners (Tom) make pleas to their readers for support through ad views, far fewer readers will tell them to 'pound sand' if readers are made aware that reasonable solutions are available.

Apply this same concept to tracking blockers such as Ghostery (trackers by type or category) and we might have a more generally usable, more cooperative Inter-web.

When solutions such as these exists I'll immediately start white-listing those ad/tracker types that I find acceptably unobtrusive, Internet-wide. Until then, everybody is blocked--OsNews too. I'll allow no site to present me with pages chuck full of various and sundry animated, flashing, neon signs--tool-bars covering content--social network buttons out the hinder parts--and overlay elements that must be interacted with to be rid of them etc.. No one should. We need better control over the types of ads/trackers we're subjected to...

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