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Editorial My previous article described how you can use your tech knowledge to profit from the stock market -- if you combine it with financial analysis and careful research. This article analyzes several tech stocks. The goal is to start a useful discussion. What is your opinion of these companies? Even if you don't invest, this matters if you are in employed in IT. You're betting your career on the companies in whose products you specialize! You don't want to pick losers.
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RE[2]: $20 Dollars
by hackus on Fri 25th Nov 2011 20:32 UTC in reply to "RE: $20 Dollars"
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I call your BULLSHIT and raise it 1 ounce of gold.

Oh really? $4000 dollars.

What company stock would that have been?

The stock Market went bust in the 20's/30's. Most stock went to zero or less.

What kind of Genie in the bottle fantasy are you talking about that would give you the foresight to pick a company 100 years in the future and the stock or even the company would still exist?

Most companies and stocks over the past 100 years have gone bust. How about that Blue Chip GM stock?

BUST. Seen Detroit lately? BUST.

Destroyed, utterly.

Looks like 1945 Dresden Germany after it was fire bombed into oblivion.

So what risk would you pick? Picking a stock that would survive 100 years for $4000, or One ounce of Gold you can keep in your desk?

You can bet your bottom dollar Gold isn't done with its current market rally either. Once the huge swings in the market are brought down by people losing vast sums of stock value, and selling their gold to cover that loss.

Gold is going to rocket to the moon.

Especially when you got crooks running everything. People are already leaving in order to protect just the hard work they have invested from Bankers, IRS and other thieves.


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