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General Development "Ceylon is a programming language for writing large programs in a team environment. The language is elegant, highly readable, extremely typesafe, and makes it easy to get things done. And it's easy to learn for programmers who are familiar with mainstream languages used in business computing. Ceylon has a full-featured Eclipse-based development environment, allowing developers to take best advantage of the powerful static type system. Programs written in Ceylon execute on any JVM."
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Comment by Tom5
by Tom5 on Sat 26th Nov 2011 16:39 UTC
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The spec looks very nice. Testing it's quite hard because you have to get everything from Git and build it. In case anyone else wants to try it, I've just published 0install feeds for the compiler, parser, runtime and sample program.

To try it (replace "apt-get" with "yum" on Fedora, etc):

$ sudo apt-get install git zeroinstall-injector
$ git clone git:// on
$ cd hello-ceylon
$ make
Hello Bob

Seems quite immature, though. e.g. the "nonempty" test in src/helloworld.ceylon always passes, so you'll get a NullPointerException if you try to print args.first, which was the first thing I tried.

[ note: if you get KeyError: 'run', this is due to a bug in 0install 1.2 (fixed in later versions); just run "make" a second time and it will work ]

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