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Editorial My previous article described how you can use your tech knowledge to profit from the stock market -- if you combine it with financial analysis and careful research. This article analyzes several tech stocks. The goal is to start a useful discussion. What is your opinion of these companies? Even if you don't invest, this matters if you are in employed in IT. You're betting your career on the companies in whose products you specialize! You don't want to pick losers.
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RE[4]: $20 Dollars
by hackus on Sat 26th Nov 2011 19:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: $20 Dollars"
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Good God.

You have it all backwards.

Gold never changes in value, unless of course, something happens that makes it irrelevant.
(The Apocalypse or the Second Coming or Nuclear War, Asteroid Impact.)

But then, if that happens, who cares about Gold, or anything for that matter.

The only thing that changes with respect over time, as I demonstrated in my first example of a Suit and a night on the town, is the value of _everything else_ with respect to Gold.

Gold _never_ changes in value, ever.

It has been that way since recorded history.

Gold is money, despite what Bernanke and his crony thieves on Wall Street tell you. Bernanke stood up in front of Congress in front of Ron Paul and told him Gold,..._GOLD_ is not money and that it was an asset.

Besides, if you could print paper, and give it too all your crony friends as money, OF COURSE you would say Gold is not money. You would _NEVER_ want Gold to be money because you can't print it and give it too all your friends and make your selves SULTANS while everyone else goes on food stamps!

I almost laughed myself into oblivion, after reading you think Gold is in a Bubble.

A Bubble!

I bet all those MF Global, GM Investors, MCI, Enron...(Sorry list is too long here...) investors thought Gold was in a bubble too!

Now they are sitting on a street corners with no pot too piss in!

Please, please join them!



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