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Linux Puppy Linux is a small sub-130 MB distro popular for its high performance, adaptability, and ability to run on older hardware. The project just announced the new Racy Puppy, a version enhanced to run on new PCs. Racy includes Xorg 7.6 and the 3.0.7 kernel. Racy derives from Wary Puppy, a long term support release optimzed for older hardware. Puppy also offers Slacko and Lucid versions, for full compatibility with Slackware and Ubuntu, respectively.
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RE: Too many Puppies for me
by fran on Sun 27th Nov 2011 03:38 UTC in reply to "Too many Puppies for me"
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I like Puppy and have an enthusiastic user for some time. It's one of my 3 main systems (Ubuntu, Puppy, Windows XP).

But I'm concerned with so many Puppies coming out (Wary, Lucid, Slacko, Racy, etc). It used to be that there were many Puplets, but only 1 official Puppy. Now there are many official Puppies and it's not clear why. I'm concerned that this project is losing focus and its identity.

Puppy is angry now, it's gonna byte in you in the ass with a rabid tooth:)

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