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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "This morning, ARM is taking a significant step toward ironing out Android's multiple versioning issues that Linus Torvalds himself called a 'hodgepodge' earlier this year. It's releasing suites of developers' tools, including a free community edition, of its ARM Developers Studio (DS-5), this time including a graphical debugger that it says will eliminate the need for devs to use a clunky, command-line debugger for tuning native code."
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Comment by anevilyak
by anevilyak on Tue 29th Nov 2011 15:10 UTC
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ARM's tools have nothing to do with addressing platform fragmentation. They're intended to assist with development and debugging of components written using the android NDK, which is to say components written in C/C++ for performance rather than Java.

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