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Legal "After a series of one-sided hearings, luxury goods maker Chanel has won recent court orders against hundreds of websites trafficking in counterfeit luxury goods. A federal judge in Nevada has agreed that Chanel can seize the domain names in question and transfer them all to US-based registrar GoDaddy. The judge also ordered 'all Internet search engines' and 'all social media websites' - explicitly naming Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bing, Yahoo, and Google - to 'de-index' the domain names and to remove them from any search results."
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RE[2]: A sticky problem
by cmchittom on Wed 30th Nov 2011 00:59 UTC in reply to "RE: A sticky problem"
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An injunction can be filed that could shut down sites before a final ruling - the result of the filing is up to the discretion of the court but should be limited, by law/rule, to simple de-listing - as in this case.

I don't understand you—you say we shouldn't give up rights, but then you say that what you think should happen is in fact what happened.

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