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Editorial The PC is dead. Rising numbers of mobile, lightweight, cloud-centric devices don’t merely represent a change in form factor. Rather, we’re seeing an unprecedented shift of power from end users and software developers on the one hand, to operating system vendors on the other--and even those who keep their PCs are being swept along. This is a little for the better, and much for the worse.
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Decent Article, Misleading Summary
by Peter Besenbruch on Wed 30th Nov 2011 23:21 UTC
Peter Besenbruch
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The article bewailed the loss of freedom caused by the rise of closed environments and app stores. Apple is the worst offender, says the article.

I have resisted tablets and smart phones for that very reason. If you want freedom and some choice, then one option is what I did: Keep a simple phone and a netbook, preferably one running Linux.

That brings up a second point. As form factors change, so does the type of work that gets done. Phones and tablets are good for quick calendar checks, but poor for inputs. I have been to many meetings where tablet users play with their devices before the meeting starts, but they get put away as the meeting starts. The netbook stays operational, with me banging away, taking notes.

Do I play games? Sure. I also listen to music, go on-line, and read e-books (including Kindle books). The difference is that I also can get work done.

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