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OSNews, Generic OSes The Genode project has released version 11.11 of their OS framework, which allows the construction of spezialized operating systems out of building blocks including 8 different kernels, plenty of device drivers, and an increasing number of system services.
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Really cool
by Kebabbert on Thu 1st Dec 2011 08:41 UTC
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I like the idea of the hypervisor being a micro kernel. The hypervisor should be tiny. But I did not get the part about Noux, is that the hypervisor? It seems that it can even run VIM? Then it is not a tiny hypervisor?

There is a similar project called SmartOS. It is KVM, Solaris kernel and Containers, ZFS, DTrace and nothing else, basically. This way Solaris can act as backend and provide ZFS. Each guest runs in a container, so if a guest is hacked, he will only be in a container, which is safe.

SmartOS claims to give much higher performance than running bare metal. For instance, WinXP 32 bit only has access to 3.5GB RAM and can not use 10GBit Nic. But Solaris can use 16GB RAM as ZFS cache and use 10GBit NIC.

"With I/O-bound database workloads, he says, the SmartOS KVM is five to tens times faster than bare metal Windows and Linux (meaning no virtualization), and if you're running something like the Java Virtual Machine or PHP atop an existing bare metal hypervisor and move to SmartOS, he says, you'll see ten to fifty times better performance - though he acknowledges this too will vary depending on workload."

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