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Editorial The PC is dead. Rising numbers of mobile, lightweight, cloud-centric devices don’t merely represent a change in form factor. Rather, we’re seeing an unprecedented shift of power from end users and software developers on the one hand, to operating system vendors on the other--and even those who keep their PCs are being swept along. This is a little for the better, and much for the worse.
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by ARUmar on Thu 1st Dec 2011 18:13 UTC
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from my view it helps to define what were talking about exactly as being dead.The PC began life as a break from the computational devices prevelent at the time(early 70-80) promising the end user at home the power and flexibility to do all that the massive behemoths of the time could do on his humble home computer.hence the PERSONAL computer as opposed to SHARED computer(time shared etc).the way the wind is blowing id have to agree that PCs as in PERSONAL computers are on the way out for most users . when apps web and mobile become the preferred method of using computers for most users and cloud storage is the preferred solution for data storage the computer is not personal anymore .its back to the era where you have a dumb terminal that hooks up to a more powerful backend that serves the users this necessarily a bad thing? i dont think so it makes sense in some situations where the computaional power you need isnt available at your disposal but the downside is the computer you are using isnt totally under your control anymore leading to situations wgere you have to "jailbreak or root" something you thought you already owned

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