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Google A new report from StatCounter says Chrome's popularity now edges out Firefox. It says Chrome has a 25.69% share of the global browser market while Firefox claims 25.23%. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still #1 with a 40.63% share. If true, Google has pulled off quite a feat with a browser they only introduced in late 2008. StatCounter claims to measure browser use rather than just downloads.
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Healthy competition
by rdean400 on Fri 2nd Dec 2011 20:30 UTC
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I think the competition is really very healthy. Chrome's entry has kept both Mozilla and Microsoft on their toes. Firefox wouldn't be improving anywhere near as quickly without Chrome pushing it.

I still prefer Firefox for my usage, but I appreciate what Google's doing with Chrome. Hopefully all 3 vendors (and Opera and Apple) stay competitive and keep pushing each other.

The fact IE won last browser war put us 5 years behind on improving the web experience.

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