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Legal "A bill recently introduced in Congress would greatly expand the exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act for IT employees, ending overtime benefits for many more types of workers, including network, database and security specialists." The Democrat senator of North-Carolina has introduced an even worse version of the bill, which specifically exempts database and network specialists and security professionals from overtime benefits. Say, isn't some company building a huge data centre in North-Carolina? I'm sure it's all a coincidence.
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RE[2]: 8 hours pay, 8 hours work
by Vanders on Sat 3rd Dec 2011 00:37 UTC in reply to "RE: 8 hours pay, 8 hours work"
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Alot of people in IT are genuinely needed for after hours work. It makes the most sense to deploy new software or make changes in the evenings or on weekends when it has the least potential for causing problems for users. I've been there, and the last thing you want to do is cause an outage for a thousand business users.

I've been there for years and I'm there right now. But if and when I do out of hours, I either a) Get paid for it or b) Trade the hours (Time Off In Lieu). I do, sometimes, do more than my 37.5 hours that I'm contracted for: just this August I was pulling 60+ hours, with 14 hour days. The difference is, it wasn't expected of me, and I was offered TOIL for the extra effort.

Like I said, 8 hours pay for 8 hours work.

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