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Editorial A reader asks: "Can someone comment on the legality of using my brother's old Snow Leopard DVD to install OS X? My brother has Lion, so why can't he choose to give it to me? It doesn't violate Apple's 1 license per 1 computer policy."
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RE[5]: The bottom line
by Kivada on Sat 3rd Dec 2011 05:32 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: The bottom line"
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Without Apple there would be no Mac OS. Apple sells Mac OS for less than cost. Apple is not in the business of software but hardware. Mac OS is a service. Apple used to sell it for $120 and now dropped to $30 and I won't be surprised if they make it free like iOS upgrades. Did you price the cost of a Windows license?

As a life long Mac user I have to say, you're full of shit. Development costs aren't that high for the OS and the distribution medium is ridiculously cheap. Especially since they grok any and all useful software under a BSD like license I.E. free labor.

What costs far more is the hardware as the cost of retooling of factories and procurement of components has a very high initial cost over an order of 1 million DVDs at $0.001 per disc and that cost is a near constant over the lifetime of the product while the software, once written can be copied near infinitely for marginal cost.

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