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Legal "A bill recently introduced in Congress would greatly expand the exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act for IT employees, ending overtime benefits for many more types of workers, including network, database and security specialists." The Democrat senator of North-Carolina has introduced an even worse version of the bill, which specifically exempts database and network specialists and security professionals from overtime benefits. Say, isn't some company building a huge data centre in North-Carolina? I'm sure it's all a coincidence.
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RE: Dumb.
by Kivada on Sat 3rd Dec 2011 05:55 UTC in reply to "Dumb."
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Kay Hagan is what is know in the political world as a "Blue Dog" or in other words, a democrat in name only, she votes conservative in almost everything and is in a heavily conservative state.

Back in the old days they'd have been called "Dixiecrats" during the civil rights era in the US and would have been on the pro-segregation side.

If you can't win as a Republican or a Libertarian run as a Democrat and do everything you can to discredit any real dems, it's OK, most 'merican's are too politically stupid to tell whats up and the mainstream media has already been paid off and/or lobotomized so as to never challenge you.

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