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Privacy, Security, Encryption If you're modest, think twice before having sex in your van, truck, or RV. Law enforcement uses roving vans with backscatter X-ray technology to peer inside vehicles (the same technology used in airport body scanners). In the Land of the Free, authorities don't request search warrants. More at Forbes here and here. What, you don't want an X-ray bath?
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RE: Ridiculous
by Kivada on Sat 3rd Dec 2011 06:34 UTC in reply to "Ridiculous"
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Yeah, these are nothing more then another method of conservatives in the US securing more anonymous funds to their 501(c)(4) Super P.A.C.s from defense contractors for sending them massive no bid contracts so they can run the regional government out of cash so they can continue to cut from education and social services and run on their self fulfilling prophecy platform of government not working.

See Milwaukee, WI's big plan to curb gang violence: Lets buy a bunch of gigantic armored vehicles that have a bunch of camera turrets and "gunshot detector microphones" on them so we can park them in minority neighborhoods in the hopes that someone is stupid enough to commit a crime near one!!1!!!eleven

These thing are less effective then the cops they put out on pedal bike patrol... When we where kids we would mercilessly harass them to make them chase us since we could easily lap them around the block on their nice $300+ aluminum frame w/ fork and frame gas shocks 21 speed mountain bikes on our POS $50 KMart steel frame Huffy 10 speeds... To add further insult we started getting those nice bikes as well.

Yes cars where called in a few times, no, not even those could catch us since the other kids I would do this with could all easily get up to 25~30mph over flats on those POS 10 speeds and we knew every shortcut and hiding place in town.

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