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Privacy, Security, Encryption If you're modest, think twice before having sex in your van, truck, or RV. Law enforcement uses roving vans with backscatter X-ray technology to peer inside vehicles (the same technology used in airport body scanners). In the Land of the Free, authorities don't request search warrants. More at Forbes here and here. What, you don't want an X-ray bath?
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RE[2]: market gap
by blitze on Sat 3rd Dec 2011 08:15 UTC in reply to "RE: market gap"
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Good luck with that, if the EU has banned the use of the tech due to health concerns, you know like irradiating people, then no way will Germany be jumping on the tech.

Sometimes the EU ain't as bad as the brit press makes out but then there is the part where the US pushed a lot of dodgy investment stock onto them and the rest is history. We'll see if the EU becomes that soon.

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