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Windows Windows 8 will have both the new Metro-style applications and user interface and the traditional Windows 7 desktop for legacy applications, which kind of runs like an application. Since legacy applications have to be recompiled to run on ARM anyway, it's always been a bit unclear if the ARM version of Windows 8 would include the legacy desktop at all - even Microsoft itself confirmed it wasn't sure yet. Microsoft bloggers Mary-Jo Foley and Paul Thurrot have fresh rumours that Microsoft has now made the decision to remove the legacy desktop from the ARM version.
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Mr. Dee
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Why are you always mentioning this? You don't need full featured Office in Metro, period, now stop it! Who is gonna write the next great American novel on a Tablet? Seriously, I am not interested in doing a V-Lookup on a Tablet. I am not gonna do a relationship, create queries, forms, mail merge when I am on a Tablet in Metro mode in Windows 8. I am certainly not gonna create a 60 deck slide on a Tablet, but I might want to view one. So I don't need "FULL FEATURED Office on a Tablet".

I do need Office on Windows 8's Start screen, but just the fundamentals for basic annotation and editing. Maybe you just want to add a sentence to a document, add a clip art, move around some text, do a little cut, copy and paste. Nothing more. Maybe you want to update some numbers, insert some basic charts, basic formula functions, but you are not gonna be using every formula from Excels function library.

As Steve Sinofsky said, if you are gonna do a lot of things that require the precision of a mouse, the desktop is there for that. People do no sit down with there Tablets like they are tied to their desktop with a PC to begin with doing boring office productivity.

If you are really gonna be typing something like the following:
= IF(VLOOKUP(A3, A2:D6, 3, FALSE) >= 20, "Markup is: " & 100 * VLOOKUP(A3, A2:D6, 4, FALSE) &"%", "Cost is $" & VLOOKUP(A3, A2:D6, 3, FALSE))

You probably have a laptop already or you are gonna be using the desktop app version of Excel. The scenarios for Office on Windows 8 Metro will be casual.

I see developers creating two versions of their apps, casual and full desktop app.

So, you will have full Photoshop and Express Photoshop.

Full QuickBooks and Express Quicken

Full AutoCAD and Basic AutoCAD

Basically, versions for on the go experience.

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