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Privacy, Security, Encryption If you're modest, think twice before having sex in your van, truck, or RV. Law enforcement uses roving vans with backscatter X-ray technology to peer inside vehicles (the same technology used in airport body scanners). In the Land of the Free, authorities don't request search warrants. More at Forbes here and here. What, you don't want an X-ray bath?
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There's another legal term called "probable cause". Show me one documented instance of these vans being used anywhere in the US without probable cause and I'll also show you the case being thrown out of court. But I'll help out here, you won't find a single instance of these vans being used without probable cause or a search warrant. Period. How's that for the rule of law?

It's called "The Patriot Act", just do a google sometime and see where it has been used against U.S. Citizens.

You know like Professor Steve Kurtz, Brandon Mayfield, Adrian Lamo should start you off.

Yep, Government sure adhered to the Rule of Law didn't they?

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