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Linux Puppy Linux is a small sub-130 MB distro popular for its high performance, adaptability, and ability to run on older hardware. The project just announced the new Racy Puppy, a version enhanced to run on new PCs. Racy includes Xorg 7.6 and the 3.0.7 kernel. Racy derives from Wary Puppy, a long term support release optimzed for older hardware. Puppy also offers Slacko and Lucid versions, for full compatibility with Slackware and Ubuntu, respectively.
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RE[4]: Puppy feels bad
by zima on Sat 3rd Dec 2011 23:50 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Puppy feels bad"
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Obviously you fell prey to virtually Goebbelsian (BluenoseJake already Godwined the thread... :p ) levels of propaganda - coming from dog interests controlling Hollywood and such; who want to keep the humanity in the dark, turn back the clock of civilisational progress!

Most of the time dogs were "with" us, we were mere hunter-gatherers roaming around - and activities forced on us by typical dogs, suggest the latter very much preferred such poor state of affairs.

In contrast, when the cats started to hang out around us in the cradle of our civilisation, when they recognized the most dire priorities of maintaining our scarce harvest supplies, when we in turn recognized them as gods* for their wisdom - they gave us civilisation!

Thankfully, we are again in an era of progress - which will be made all the more rapid with the help of, yes, technology enabling cats (victimised over the centuries by dogs and their followers, people in denial of their heinous acts of cat burning that accompanied witch hunts) to keep in check those savage canine beasts: (also: )

* *vs.: note how dogs are them... IN REVERSE!!

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