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Windows NeoSmart Technologies has published a (fairly colorful and strongly-opinionated?) article on the new Windows 8 "touch-friendly" boot menu, and how in many ways it has come to resemble a mini-OS more than a traditional boot loader, introducing a completely new boot sequence and possibly even operating in protected mode. Also touches briefly on changes relating to the new "Secure Boot" initiative.
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a boot loader is redundant (thus idiotic) since the firmware already provides one.

One they can't control (and is often messed up)

Why taint a decently designed firmware for the sake of legacy systems?

Decently designed? I can think of many attributes for UEFI, but "decent" or "designed"?

Now if only Apple makes their bootpicker compliant with UEFI boot loading.

Maybe let them update their firmware to UEFI first. It's still EFI 1.3

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