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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Cheap Android tablets are all over the place, and generally not any good. They often have resistive touch screens instead of capacitive ones, are slow, or have no access to the Android Market. For Ice Cream Sandwich, MIPS Technologies is trotting out its existing Honeycomb tablet - which, you guessed it, uses a MIPS processor - licensed to Ainovo. For some reason, that makes this $99 tablet with capacitive screen kind of interesting.
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competition == good
by bnolsen on Tue 6th Dec 2011 21:03 UTC
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MIPs has proven to scale. It used to run in high end workstations (64bit even!), and runs in embedded spaces.

The problem of course is fragmentation. MIPs processor features are across the board, partly because the embedded MIPs have scaled back features compared with the SGI days..

ARM has been generally scaling up so there's a general backward compatibility, although there's been fragmentation as well (tegra2 w/o neon is a prime example of that).

It's good to see MIPs has decided to compete with ARM. More choice is good, even if MS isn't targeting it.

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