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Google Dianne Hackborn has posted on Google+ about some common myths regarding Android's graphics rendering pipeline, and we have a rebuttal to that one as well. Interesting stuff, but I want to talk abut something related: Android's gaphics performance. I'm hearing a lot of talk about how Android's effects and transitions and such aren't as smooth as those on iOS, but on my Galaxy SII, everything is super-smooth. So, I'm wondering - what's it like for you?
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Smooth for me
by WorknMan on Tue 6th Dec 2011 22:25 UTC
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What really kills me are these people who insist on running live wallpapers and all kinds of widgets that sing and dance, and then complain that everything is choppy, and that they have to recharge their battery every 3 hours. Well, duh???

Remember kids, always go for performance over style. You'll be happier that way in the long run ;)

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