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Google "In Mozilla's recently released 2010 annual report, the foundation indicates that 86% and 84% of royalty revenue came from one contract in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Mozilla separately confirms that Google is its largest contract." Evan Niu at Motley Fool then estimates that of Mozilla's last year royalty revenue of $121.1 million, $101.7 million came from Google. The article speculates that Google might eventually kill Firefox by withdrawing its financial support.
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RE: Why stop funding?
by _xmv on Tue 6th Dec 2011 22:39 UTC in reply to "Why stop funding?"
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I'm not sure google cares that much about firefox. What it cares is that people use its search engine.

Google developed Chrome/Chromium to have a BSD (-like) product they could use in closed ChromeOS. But again, ChromeOS is like Android: continue to have access to users' data even for emerging markets.

Mozilla receives millions because they have 1) a "large" user base and 2) setup google as default so users who don't care just use Google.

Now of course if Firefox's install base significantly drops Google might reconsider its founding. But until then, Google probably gains as much from this deal as it does from the beginning...


Articles about Mozilla losing funding right now are either just to bring ad views (from Google, har har), or just made by people who have no single idea what they're talking about.

The key here is:
But until then, Google probably gains as much from this deal as it does from the beginning... [/q]

and they sure do.

Chrome has been built to make sure Google keep the upper hand on the web control, long term.

Because if Firefox had 80%+ market share and switched to Bing overnight in new updates, Google would be fucked.

Every next step Google takes these days is toward the same goal: full, global web control. End to end.
If you're into this business, you can figure that out easily, between Dart, Chrome, various updates they do, etc.

I find it scarier than Microsoft ever was, because they're sneaky. Much more sneaky. Much more likely to succeed.

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