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Java Patch up warmly this winter if you're running Java. That's the advice from .NET shop Microsoft, which reckons Oracle's platform is the single biggest target for hackers. Java proved the single most popular target in the 12-month period to the end of June, according to Microsoft's latest Security Intelligence Report has found here Running Java as a Web-browser Plugin is much more dangerous than Flash, and should disable the Java Applet Plugin.
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I challenge you to....
by Slambert666 on Wed 7th Dec 2011 02:52 UTC
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For everyone that thinks this is only Microsoft PR bashing a competitor do the following:

Install java browser plugin for versions 1.4 1.5 6 and 7 (you need all of them because java is not strictly backwards compatible, and many businesses are still at 1.4 or older)

Then go surf some suspicious websites for a couple of hours... I dare you.

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