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Bugs & Viruses In a recent site update, CNET listings have begun redirecting product download links for popular freeware and opensource applications to their own "downloader and installer" utility which bundles a number of adware components alongside the requested application and changes the users' homepage and default search engine to Microsoft Bing. Freeware authors are sending CNet cease and desist orders demanding virgin download links, something affected open source developers may or may not be able to do due to FOSS license terms.
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by Arawn on Wed 7th Dec 2011 10:27 UTC
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... there are some developers that use to distribute their software.

And most people don't care the least how they get the software, they just want it. Same mentality that makes them think they're completely safe with a "Total Security" anti-malware suite...

Personally, I don't use anymore because of this crapware they distribute. Nor I download from Adobe anymore for the same reason.

One site I can recommend is Been a great download site for years now... lets hope it stays that way.

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