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Windows NeoSmart Technologies has published a (fairly colorful and strongly-opinionated?) article on the new Windows 8 "touch-friendly" boot menu, and how in many ways it has come to resemble a mini-OS more than a traditional boot loader, introducing a completely new boot sequence and possibly even operating in protected mode. Also touches briefly on changes relating to the new "Secure Boot" initiative.
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Comment by phobox
by phobox on Wed 7th Dec 2011 10:50 UTC
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As far as Im concerned, its yet another example of Microsoft over complicating what should be something very simple and quick, especially as far as the end user is concerned. Im sure they have their reasons, both technical and not so technical for doing it but Im also sure its a lot of unneeded fluff that Microsoft is famous for. The Vista/7 bootloader was hell to edit manually using Microsoft's own tools and it was of very little use for booting alternative operating systems. Dont get me wrong, I understand their desire to bias their booting strategy towards Windows, but going out of their way to do so and simply adding complication to something as inherently simple as a bootloader is an unnecessary waste of time and resources.

Unless Im way off base here, it would appear that the Win8 bootloader is essentially a stripped down Windows core, similar if not near-identical to WinPE (technically speaking). Im also guessing this is designed primarily for use on tablet devices rather than normal desktop/laptop machines. In that case, I can understand it to a degree, they want to provide a consistent, touch-able interface to the user... but is it really necessary to jump through the hoops they seem to be doing for that? Im hoping this new system will be exclusively for tablet devices rather than forced upon desktop users too.

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