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BeOS & Derivatives "So... I have finally gotten around to finishing the Haiku tutorial I set out to complete over a year ago. I was hoping to have it done sooner, but I decided to then prolong graduation for another year. However, my thesis project has been a rocking success, and you can finally see the fruits of my labors. This production should be incorporated into the project as official tutorial material." Okay so yeah it's a tad bit cheesy, but heck, it's BeOS, so shut up.
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RE: Nice
by b0ne on Thu 8th Dec 2011 01:36 UTC in reply to "Nice"
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I respect the courage you display posting such a video on the internet, and the content is fairly interesting.

If I may offer some of my impressions/constructive criticism being part of the "nerd" target audience:

1) I almost reflexively closed the video after encountering the verbal and body language presentation style. (example: "I dare ya!") I'm not quite sure how to classify it, campy/weatherman/shooter mcgavin? I don't know.

2) The music transitions between scenes bring memories of my previous employer's corporate policy/sexual harrassment training videos.

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